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Creating a community of practice for librarians and educators around comics academic librarians, and adult services librarians for the common purpose of.

A report from the Comic Conference for Educators and Librarians, issue in two proactive ways: Cultivate adult comics readership with strong readers from left: Monica Barrette (Escondido Public Library), Amie Wright (New.

Comics by Amie: A What Happens Next Comic Book for Budding Illustrators and Story Books; ›; Children's & Young Adult; ›; Painting, Arts & Music; ›; Boom!.

New York Comic Con at the New York Public Library two #NYCC events October 7 and 8—a comics panel for adults and one all-ages.

In Circulating Ideas , guest host @MidniteLibrary chats with @librarylandia about her path to librarianship, coming back to comics as an adult reader.