Rural literacy camapigns and the politics of education in the Peoples Republic of China - chinas successful adult literacy campaign


chinas successful adult literacy campaign

China is now expected to reach near-universal youth literacy in China's literacy success has been described as “perhaps the single greatest educational .

Many of the early campaigns set out to combat illiteracy. write, but they were simultaneously - and successfully - steeped in the new revolutionary ideology.

Illiteracy has thus been eliminated on a vast scale in China since the From to rural literacy campaigns developed rapidly and on a wide for the lack of success derived from political factors peculiar to China in the early s.

Chinese education describes the literacy drive as 'one of the success stories', 5 H. S. Bhola, Campaigning for Literacy: Eight National Experiences of the.

Feb 12, When it took control of China in , the Communist government made literacy one of to carry out the rapid and massive economic modernization campaign it was about to begin. But success can be difficult to measure.