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Adult Arrests. Home > Online Services > Adult Arrests. Adult Arrests. Official Chicago Police Department web site for searching arrest records. Go to Adult Arrests.

Chicago Police Department Arrest Record Search website or through its interface pertain to individuals who have been charged with a crime as an adult.

/Police Department; /Crime Statistics; /Adult Arrest Report/. Adult Arrest Report. This arrest report is updated weekly and contains data for adults who have been .

17 Adults by Charge, Sex and Age., 38 Adults by Charge, Sex ajid Race, 50 ?y Type, number and losses, 20 Disposition of Arrests Adults, 62 Juveniles. Cactain Thomas I. Flsinnagan POLICE DEPARTMENT CITY AND COUNTY OF FBANCISCO POLICE DEPARTMENT I Page 35 en •xj a CVJ CO EH *i X) (D.

Nearly 1 in 5 adult arrests in North Dakota are for Driving Under the Influence ( DUI). Keep your family safe by choosing to always drive sober.