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This statistic shows the preferred social networks of U.S.. It is no secret that the young really know what's what when it comes to new technologies these days. . U.S. market share of leading social media websites share in the United States , by age and gender; Percentage of U.S. adults who use Facebook as .

This study explores how and why young people are using social networking sites (SNS) and whether there are age or gender differences.

Blogging among teens and young adults drops to half what it was in network use continues to rise, but certain features of the social sites are.

While media coverage and policy attention focus heavily on how children and young adults use social network sites, adults still make up the.

Blogging!has!declined!in!popularity!among!both!teens!and!young!adults!since! . Both!teen!and!adult!use!of!social!networking!sites!has!risen!significantly .