Do retractile testes have anatomical anomalies? - retractile testicle adult occurance


Long-Term Outcomes of Retractile Testis retractile testicle adult occurance

Retractile testis is considered to be a variant of normal testis in between retractile testis and sterility owing to the fact that adults with retractile.

To assess the incidence of anatomical anomalies in patients with retractile testis. alterations in retractile testicle cases (5, 6), and one study of young adults.

the functional state of the testes of adults with retractile testis. Design: Spermiogram .. report the occurrence of poor spermiograms and his- tologic lesions in

adult men with no other apparent cause of infertility than bilateral retractile testes are reported. .. The incidence of retractile testes is difficult to establish.

Conventional teaching states that the retractile testis is a normal, physiological probably accounts for the recently observed increased incidence of orchidopexies. . Nistal M, Paniagua R () Infertility in adult males with retractile testes.