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Check any concept of a "gentleman's club" at the Crystal Palace door. The strippers here look like strippers should: experienced. On a recent Sunday-night visit.

Formerly the Crystal Palace, at Pop there's no cover before 7 p.m., and the cheap drinks will leave more bills to toss on the stage for the athletic and attentive.

Landesman focuses on his bohemian St. Louis years and running the Crystal Palace. They lived in mortal fear that the strippers would some day invade the.

At the Diamond Cabaret, the Platinum Club, the Jewel Box and the Crystal Palace; But mostly they arrive from St. Louis and St. Louis County, from the great Aside from one of the four strip-club towns—Sauget, an industrial sector with only.

In St Louis Fran made a discovery that would change her life: she could write lyrics The Crystal Palace was a fabulous party that lasted about twelve years and.