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How does a traumatic brain injury affect sexual functioning? Increased Desire: Some people have increased interest in sex after TBI and may want to have sex.

In this article, we describe 5 patients who exhibited aberrant sexual behaviours following traumatic brain injury and discuss the relevant.

Some people with brain injury forget about important sexual issues such as contraception, initiating sex or pleasuring their partner during sex.

booklet Sex and sexuality after brain injury and may contain minor updates to the print version. . frustration. Sex is a topic that people often feel embarrassed to talk about, as . Lack of inhibition – this can cause some survivors to behave.

Sexual disinhibition is a result of brain injury, and it is one that is not discussed discuss sex can harm a person suffering from brain injury and, yet, so many people Disinhibition is defined as (1) Loss of inhibition, as through the influence of.