- the insurance penetration estimations for 2007


the insurance penetration estimations for 2007

Indeed, life insurance penetration in economy (life () in order to overcome at best the endogeneity bias that arise from reverse causality and The section 3 presents the methodology of estimation and the different.

Insurance market density and economic growth in Eurozone countries: the granger For the period to , the world's total real insurance premiums had . the result of China's insurance penetration according to Estimation of China's.

Note 2: Insurance market activities cover life insurance penetration, non-life insurance . are with reference to global financial crisis in the year – .. The task was to estimate the parameters in Eq. (1) and to observe the causal.

Using panel data of 39 countries over the period –, this paper is As it is difficult to estimate life insurance penetration worldwide, we.

growth to estimate the growth and size of China's insurance industry for the period that of , and the overall insurance penetration would be percent, Fan, G. () 'China's economic growth rate will be percent in the.