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Turnaround Lick in D is a free video lesson by Brad Laird where you'll learn how to play a fun and useful mandolin lick in the key of D. In bluegrass.

Here is a page of miscellaneous bluegrass mandolin licks. A number of players contacted me to say that they had found the licks useful, so I'm putting them up.

I can play scales, and can sometimes come up with a mandolin solo during a break but I'm always at a loss to improvise "true" bluegrass licks.

How to Tune a Mandolin. The Mandolin as used in Bluegrass and popular music has four double This is one of the first licks I've learned on the mandolin.

Some licks in the key of C for mandolin Enjoy. Related posts: Some tabs for major scales, lesson #1 for the beginner · The Mandolin of Levon.