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Teeth Whitening: Celebrity Dentists' Tips for a Brighter Smile celebrity white whitening strips

Personally, I blame it on genetics (my dad has freakishly white teeth) and an undying commitment to my go-to whitening toothpaste and coconut-infused mouth.

What a celebrity dentist wants you to know about teeth whitening work in the same way and the use of whitening strips can damage the teeth.

Teeth whitening kits come in many forms, from organic DIY charcoal paste, to whitening strips, blue lights and even a £ session at We even asked celebrity dentist Dr Richard Marques at Wimpole Street Dental (the man.

Celebs. It's easier than ever to whiten your teeth (Image: Getty Each pack of whitening strips contains 28 strips (one for the top and the bottom.

Here, we've trialled the latest teeth whitening products – from toothpastes and whitening strips to charcoal-based treatments – to help you.