- ibcsg 24-0 trial breast cancer


ibcsg 24-0 trial breast cancer

The International Breast Cancer Study Group (IBCSG)-led adjuvant endocrine therapy trials BIG 1–98, for postmenopausal women, and SOFT.

For many patients with early breast cancer (EBC), their risk of recurrence is not zero but is small. .. Still, available evidence from studies like IBCSG Trial VIII indicate that ovarian function Nov; 24(0 2): S–S

Abstract Background In the Suppression of Ovarian Function Trial (SOFT) Among premenopausal women with breast cancer, the addition of.

Among women with early breast cancer, the effects of ovarian ablation on recurrence In the trials of ablation plus cytotoxic chemotherapy versus the same chemotherapy alone, .. IBCSG/Ludwig II .. 0·3, variance 26·9, not significant) or in overall survival (logrank O2E 1·9, variance 24·0, not significant).

SOFT Investigators and the International Breast Cancer Study Group Participants . IBCSG Central Pathology Office, European Institute of Oncology, Division of.