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The testes (testicles or balls) are male sex glands where sperm and hormones from the scrotum and is lodged in the groin or in the lower abdomen. As your boy grows, check every year or so to be sure the testes can be.

This cuts off the testicle's blood supply and causes sudden pain and sin-kabu-abc.infoular torsion usually requires immediate surgery to save the testicle. Testicular torsion is when the cord that carries blood to one of the testicles gets twisted. Testicular torsion happens when a.

Puberty – things that change for boys. Illustration of two teen aged boys. Your body changes in puberty to become the way it will be when you are an adult.

Imagine carrying a bowling ball between your legs that weighs close to pounds. If that image is too much to stomach, continue reading with.

If your newborn son has swelling in his scrotum, it may be a common condition A hydrocele is a swelling in a boy's scrotum, the thin sac that holds his testicles. Then, a surgeon makes a cut in his scrotum or lower belly.