Ask Freddie: “I’m a Lesbian But My Crush Is Straight” | - crush lesbian


6 Things Straight Girls With A Lesbian Crush Need To Know crush lesbian

Hey, straight girl, I see you over there crushing on your ~lesbian~ friend. Your lesbian friend is pretty cute. She's extremely smart, loyal as hell.

Crushes are a crazy thing. Sometimes we get through a crush in a matter of minutes, and write it off as “just our hormones” or “drunken.

I'm a lesbian, but haven't experienced what you have. But I know it's not uncommon at all. My ex probably wouldn't have considered herself bi.

We all know the easiest way is to just ask, but sometimes this is impractical. So, here's a bit of advice. There are little clues you can look for, such as the pages.

Sure, sometimes we have crushes on straight girls, but I really don't like how y'all assume if someone's a lesbian they'll automatically get the hots for you. It really.