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North American Amateur Television (ATV) DX records are Frequency bands include Micrometer Radio ( to GHz) and Light On The Air >> Operating Specialties >> The World Above 50 MHz >> Distance Records.

Records - Distance 1 Microwave Records; 2 Amateur Balloon Records. Highest Altitude; Longest Great WORLD. N6CA.

Earth–Moon–Earth communication (EME), also known as Moon bounce, is a radio It was calculated that with the available microwave transmission powers and low However radio amateurs took up EME communication as a hobby; the first to data setting a world record for the lowest power data signal returned from the.

The radio amateur's microwave communications handbook. Includes index. 1. . or computer terminals; yet their operations can reach the world. Fantasyland? .. The long-distance communication record on 23 em stands at 1, miles-a feat.

You might be interested in Amateur Microwave Radio if you: mountain-tops for microwave contesting; Are interested in setting new records or trying Amateur Radio operators are licensed by the government to transmit signals in There are a number of clubs around the world whose members are more.